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Custom Blinds Services – Give Your Home a Chic Look!

Custom blinds represent a great purchase for homeowners who wants to make their home look unique. With so many companies creating mass products that all look the same, it can be very difficult to differentiate yourself from the crowd. This is why we want to offer blinds that meet your aesthetics perfectly.

Why You’ll Need Custom Blinds

Custom blinds are a necessity in every home. That being said, we know how difficult it is to procure blinds that will mix perfectly with the design of your house. Our blinds are known to have the following benefits:

1.      Complete Control of the Light

Depending on the time of the day, you may want different levels of light coming into your home. You may want complete darkness during your sleeping hours, or you may want your windows partially covered during a movie.

Our custom blinds can cover the exact surface that you need them to. This way, you will have full control over the luminosity of your home, allowing you to go through every task in peace.

2.     Countless Styles and Patterns

Your blinds will be the first thing that someone sees upon entering the room. For this reason, they must look special and make a statement. We can offer blinds in a multitude of colors, crafted based on your preferences and room style. The design is created from scratch just for you, ensuring a unique product.

3.     Complete Privacy

Our blinds are made from thick and qualitative materials, ensuring that no nosy neighbors will see past them. By using top-down blinds, you may adjust the slates so that light comes in, but people outside cannot see what you are doing.

Benefits of Using Our Services

By using our services, you can enjoy the following advantages:

·         Top Quality Products

The owner of SK Shading focuses on quality above all. As a result, the materials used are as durable as they are efficient. We use natural, renewable materials that will make your home look nice and crisp.

Sustainability is something that we care deeply about, which is why we place very close attention on the origin of the product. Theywill look for the best sources to obtain the necessary materials.

·         Unique Models

The market is full of blinds that all look the same, with nothing to make them stand out. SK Shading has a different view: to make sure that every product is unique, unlike everything you’ve seen before. This is why she designs every product from scratch.

The materials she uses are qualitative and the craftsmanship is different. Each set of blinds is created with a “limited edition” in mind, giving a sense of luxury and artistic beauty. If a set of blinds is created for you, you likely will not find the same items in any other home.

·         Custom Models Based on Preferences

Each home is different: our owner fully understands that. This is why she provides custom designs so that the clients receive exactly what they want.

No matter if it is a specific pattern or certain dimensions, your custom blinds will never feel out of place. If your home has a different layout compared to the average house, we may easily cater to your needs.

·         Thorough Installation

Here, we believe in a job that is done with passion and dedication. For this reason, we install the shades ourselves. The owner of the company is highly passionate about the job, which is why she installs the blinds in her client’s homes.

·         Superior Customer Support

Keeping the clients happy is very important to us, which is why we are always open to communication. If a customer has a question, we will answer it right away.

The owner of the business will always take a few moments to discuss with her clients. If adjustments are needed, your request will be immediately listened to. As a business, we will not be satisfied until your blinds look exactly the way you want them to.

Blinds Provided

In terms of custom blinds, we provide the following types:

·         Wood Blinds

Wood blinds are timeless and sophisticated, bringing some extra beauty and warmth into any place. They add a calming ambiance, making them perfect for every room. They are also fairly rare, as you do not often see blinds made from wood in the average home.

Wood has a significant darkening effect, making it the perfect choice for rooms that get a lot of light. It also offers privacy when needed, giving you full control of who can or can’t see your interior. The wood used for the blinds is also a natural insulator, which can reduce the cost of your bills.

Premium wood is used to create our blinds, ensuring long-lasting durability and a flawless finish to the room. We provide a variety of designs, from horizontal to vertical blinds, so that you may obtain the desired effect. Our owner will take your needs in mind and then create the perfect custom shades for you.

·         Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum blinds are for homeowners that require that sleek, modern look. Our owner and designer can create blinds in a variety of styles and colors, bringing extra personality to your place.

No matter if you want corded or cordless aluminum blinds, you can send your instructions and we will get right to designing. The blinds may be created in a variety of colors, helping them blend into your home design.

We use premium-quality materials to create our aluminum blinds. Our owner sources the materials herself, creating blinds of various thickness levels. Whether you want full blackout blinds or the kind that allows a little light in, we can provide full control.

Get Your Custom Blinds Made!

Your home deserves a special and unique look! Blinds should be a focal point in your room, not just a practical one. They should have aesthetic value and make your room beautiful and welcoming. SK Shading can make your dreams come true by designing the perfect custom blinds.