Custom Draperies

Custom Draperies Services – Style Up Your Rooms!

Every home needs a set of draperies. The right set can change the entire vibe of the room, turning it into a cozy den. We know how difficult it is to find the perfect draperies for your home, which is why we want to offer a solution. Our custom draperies will ensure your house looks exactly how you envisioned it, without any compromise.

Benefits of Using Our Services

You may be wondering why you should get our custom draperies rather than buy ready-made ones. There are several benefits of working with us, including:

1.      Unique Design

Most are on the market and have a very standard design, with patterns that are not very special. There is also a very high chance that the model you choose will be found in other homes. By working with us, you get access to unique draperies that you will not find anywhere else. You have full control over the style, so whether you want light and preppy curtains or some darker gothic models, we can put together a set for you.

2.     Quality Products

We believe in quality over quantity. Not only do we source the best materials and products, but we are also very careful when putting together your look. Every seam will be in its rightful place, ensuring the durability of your custom draperies. We also use only the best hardware to have them properly installed.

3.     Perfect Fit

Ready-made draperies might not always fit properly on your windows. They can be too small, not even covering your window properly. They can also be too big and overflowing in a bulky and awkward manner. By going for our custom draperies, you will make sure that the fit is perfect, no matter the size of your windows.

4.    Superior Customer Support

With custom draperies, you are bound to have questions at some point. Whether you are concerned about maintenance or potential things that may damage the material, we are here to offer you peace of mind. We will personally address your questions to ensure that you are as informed as possible.

How We Customize Our Draperies

There are certain aspects that SK Shading looks into when designing them. Our clients have free reign over the preferred style. Our company will design the final product based on your personal preferences.

When creating the draperies, we will go through the following categories:

1.      Pleats

Our customers can freely choose the pleats that they want. We use various models, from French and Euro pleats to Barcelona, Roman, and Tudor pleats. If you have a specific design in mind for the pleats in your home, the head of our company will be more than happy to create the perfect custom draperies for you.

2.     Top

The top of your draperies can very much influence the final look of your room, as well as how easy they are to maintain. As a result, we can custom design your draperies to have tab tops, tuck tops, ring tops, cuff tops, grommet tops, or rod pockets. We may also provide advice on which model would look best in your home.

3.     Panel

Many draperies do not have a specific panel, but we want ours to have a flawless, contained design. Based on how you want your window to look with the draperies, we can offer hourglass and reverse hourglass panels. We are open to suggestions and ideas as well if you have a specific idea for your draperies in mind.

4.    Tieband

Tiebands seal the look of your custom draperies. Unfortunately, not every set of commercial draperies comes with a tieband. Even if they do, you have little control over the style. The owner and drapery designer will keep your suggestion and preferences in mind, letting you choose between straight, shaped, streamer, shirred welt, faux bow, and ruffle tiebands.

The Order Process

Each customer is different with specific preferences for their draperies. So, the process may change, depending on the specifications. That being said, each order will go through the following stages:

·         Order Placement

The first stage is the placement of the order. Here, our clients give us the specifications for their custom draperies. This can include anything from color and pattern to the panel, top, and tieband. If the client is not exactly sure of the design they want, we can give you a couple of suggestions. With her experience, we will know what design looks best in every room.

·         Drapery Design

Once the details have been taken care of, the owner of SK Shading will start designing your them. we will follow your instructions, ensuring that everything is down to a tee. If we has ideas for a better design, then wewill contact you for your opinion. No change shall be made without your approval. Your custom draperies will be exactly the way you want them to be.

·         Drapery Creation

With the sketches for them done, it is time to create the custom draperies. As the creator of them, we source the materials herself, ensuring the highest quality and ultimate perfection. The draperies are sewn carefully, with strong seams for long-lasting durability. This differentiates us from ready-made drapery companies that create fast draperies without considering the quality.

·         Drapery Installation

As the design is completed, you will be contacted for the installation of them. The owner will oversee the installation herself. We will make sure that every seam and fold is in place, and that the final product is exactly the way you envision it. If you have any questions, you are invited to ask them. We care for our clients to be completely satisfied with our services.

We Simplify Your Order!

Draperies should make a statement in your room, ensuring everything fits nicely together. If you are aiming for perfection, you may opt for our custom draperies. Put together based on your preferences, they will make your home feel like a flawless, cozy den.